The word, literally translated, means “Juicy Rounds” (RAS=juice, GOLLA=round). Rosogollas are basically Paneer (home-made cheese) balls, steamed and floating in a light sugar syrup, mildly scented with rose water.
Rosogollas have become the base for many other spinoffs like Kheer Kadam, White Sandwich, Chenna Balls (mini Rosogollas) and so on. Eat it cold, all by itself, or on Kheer (Rice Pudding) or on Mishti Doi (Sweet Yogurt) or have it warm with Poori.
The Rosogolla may be a new taste to hit your palate but it is sure to become a favorite as soon as the flavor explodes in your mouth and the spongy sweetness lingers in your memory like a dream!
Although Rosogollas have traditionally become the quintessential “Bengali Sweet”, history records that this delicacy may have originated in the Eastern State of Orissa, and then later popularized, in the early 20th Century, by Bengal. Three or four generations later the original families that claim to have started the Rosogolla and the ones who popularized them in Bengal are still in business, and busier than ever!
Another interesting detail about the Rosogolla: this sweet was supposed to have been made for the Lord Jaggannath of Puri (a pilgrimage city and seaside tourist destination in the state of Orissa). Folklore has it that it was the round white eyes of the Lord Jaggannath that inspired the Rosogolla!
(Note: The word Juggernaut comes from the name of the Lord Jagannath. Once a year the statue of the Lord is taken out in the street for the people to view. The chariot on which it is carried is so huge and the hand-made ropes used to pull the chariot so thick, that the British compared anything huge to this chariot; and hence the birth of the term Juggernaut.)
We hope you enjoy the experience of eating an authentic Rosogolla at Calcutta Wrap & Roll!

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