Founded in 2010 and located in the heart of Ardsley, New York, Calcutta Wrap & Roll is the result of a passion for and appreciation of homestyle cooking, in all its wealth and variety, as it has evolved through the ages, lovingly tended to on the earthen chullahs (stoves) in Indian kitchens.  The judicious use of herbs and spices is the very essence of Indian cuisine and every home-cook has been keenly aware of the aromatic, flavorful and medicinal qualities of Nature’s pantry.

Started by Shishir Bhattacharya, Chitta Saha and Hugo Cocucci, Calcutta Wrap and Roll attempts to recreate that fresh off-the-chullah taste of home cooking, while it tells the story of these age-old spices and how they have been used in varied proportions and combinations in different parts of India.  Every spice has its own place in a specific preparation.  This order of layering the spices in a particular way varies according to region and culture and hence, each dish has a different story to tell regarding its origin and evolution.  We, at Calcuttta Wrap & Roll, have tried to bring specialties from different corners of India for you to sample.


Our inspiration for this endeavor started with the “Kebab Paratha Roll” popular in the eastern city of Calcutta.  An all-time favorite with folks in a rush, craving a rich and filling treat, Calcutta Wrap & Roll brings just that to today’s on-the-go generation that prefers portability and convenience, but still craves that home-style taste.

As you savor the food you have ordered today, we hope you will take time to enjoy the subtle tastes and flavors that have been folded into each one of your dishes, as much as we have enjoyed creating them.

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Jay H.
Jay H.
17:31 23 Nov 20
This place had the best Indian food in the MY Metro area - I'm not kidding. Better than anything in Manhattan, better than anything in Jackson Heights. My...
Joel L.
Joel L.
10:36 23 Nov 20
Picked up two lunches today and food was very good. My online request for no butter on the naan was honored. Reason I didn't give a 5th star is that the...
12:26 22 Nov 20
Kyree M.
Kyree M.
18:39 14 Nov 20
One of my favorite spots to eat. great location, neat, and very good service. 5 stars!
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