Mishti Doi (Sweet Yogurt)


Eastern India is traditionally known for its SWEET TOOTH and Bengal surely takes the CAKE!

Yogurt is part of the final course in any Indian meal. It is supposed to remove the aftertaste of the heavier entrees, calm the digestive system and lastly aid the digestive process itself because yogurt contains the probiotic cultures that today we readily buy as tablets. The ancient system of Ayurveda (AYU= Longevity, VEDA, from the word VID= Knowledge) has studied yogurt’s beneficial properties for a very long time. This traditional Indian system of healing has always known that the probiotic bacteria in our gut needs to be replenished after every meal.
In Bengal, the sweet-toothed Bengalis brought to this knowledge a local twist. They concluded that whereas they agreed they should end with the yogurt, they were not willing to abandon dessert either. So they combined the two (Mishti=sweet and Doi=yogurt) and came up with “MISHTI DOI”.

Traditionally, Mishti Doi is set in earthen pots of different sizes, individual servings of 4-6 oz being the most popular. As you travel through Bengal you will find millions of small discarded earthen pots that were used to serve either Doi or Chai (tea) to travelers. Talk about recycling! This earthen pot system had given rise to a very vibrant clay potters’ society in the state.
We, at Calcutta Wrap & Roll, are proud to bring you this traditional dish from Bengal.

To all of you with a Sweet Tooth, a fair warning: IT IS HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. YOU WILL KEEP COMING BACK FOR IT, AGAIN AND AGAIN.

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