“What’s in a name?” Juliet famously asked in Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”. “… A rose/ by any other name would smell as sweet’”. Would it, though?
Would a Calcutta Roll, by any other name, be the same? Would it convey the authenticity of a tasty Moghlai Paratha (pan-fried bread topped with egg), filled with succulent pieces of chicken or paneer (home-made cheese), cooked with aromatic spices and bursting with all the freshness and flavor of onions, finely diced green chilies and fresh cilantro that make up a typical Calcutta garnish? We pondered the question at length. After all, anything wrapped inside a flatbread is identified as a “wrap” in America. But we were nostalgic for the chicken “rolls” we had grown up eating in Calcutta’s famous New Market where the original Calcutta Kathi Roll had been born in a restaurant called Nizam’s. Originally the roll was called a Kathi roll because it was held together with a stick (kathi). Now we have specially made foil wrappers to hold the roll together. While we went back and forth about the name it suddenly dawned on us that we could keep both “wrap” and “roll” in our name. A Calcutta Chicken Roll or a Calcutta Vegetarian Roll from “Calcutta Wrap & Roll” would be perfect! It would contain both key words and each would have the capacity to evoke the essence of that magic which happens when a paratha filled with perfection reaches the palate! And so we found ourselves a name! And so was born CALCUTTA WRAP & ROLL.