Hello Friends!
And welcome to Dr. B’s Blog on the Calcutta Wrap & Roll website! I am delighted you are here and I hope you drop by often. I am what is commonly known as a “foodie” and, perhaps a trifle uncommonly, proud of that title! So here is my unabashed admission: I love food and everything to do with it, especially the food that we serve here, at Calcutta Wrap & Roll. (Did I mention that I am also a medical doctor by profession and hence am always on the lookout for nutritionally sound food offerings at our restaurant?) On that note, I think I will start by introducing our popular mixed vegetable dish called “Chorchori”.

Chorchori is basically a medley of vegetables and leafy greens, slow-cooked on a low flame. It is very popular in eastern India where it is eaten every day as a highly nutritious vegetarian dish and also, on festive occasions, when it is prepared with the addition of baby shrimp or even fish-head.
Here, at Calcutta Wrap & Roll we offer both the all-vegetarian Chorchori and the non-vegetarian Shrimp Chorchori on our Menu, every day!

Our version of Chorchori is very home-style, using a variety of vegetables which include cauliflowers, cauliflower stems, potatoes, radish, green beans, carrots, pumpkin, eggplant and spinach leaves, with a garnish of dried-lentil nuggets called “vadi”. As you can tell from the ingredients, this dish is chock-full of nutrients! It is a relatively “mild” dish, mustard being the only punch folded into it. Other than that, it uses a combination of spice seeds for the initial tempering. The dish can be made more spicy/hot by adding dry red chilly. And the Shrimp Chorchori, of course, has shrimp added to it for extra taste.
Chorchori tastes divine with Rice and a side of Dal.

And now that you know, I invite you to come into the store and try it for yourself. You will fall in love with veggies all over again!